Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Union Label

That ol' Dem/union magic, right here in the Bay State.  You undoubtedly heard that, at a pro-union protest in Boston on February 22, well known idiot Michael Capuano (D, MA-8) incited people to violence in a bid for Mr. Civility.  But it was worse than that, in a there-they-go-again union sort of way.

Neanderthals were people. But what shall we call these union thugs?

"A supporter of Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker in Boston wrote me last night to recount the violence that took place at the Tuesday union rally where Democrat Rep. Michael Capuano told his minions to 'get a little bloody.' The tipster is remaining anonymous for now while police investigate the targeting of an elderly, flag-waving counter-protester.
"As the witness told me, 'It was worse than you and what the media portrayed it as…as usual!!' "