Monday, June 20, 2011

Who's The Idiot?

A counter-MSM demonstration from, via Allah.

It's look-in-the-mirror time for the Obamazoids:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Klavan

Ryan vs. Obama (c/o PJTV).  No contest:

Pete King Pulverizes Laura Richardson And Her Moonbatism

Courtesy of Keep America Safe:

How Does It Feel To Support A President Who Hates Israel, Obamazoids?

Does it bother you at all?

Hornik at PajamasMedia:

"Yet, heartfelt, eloquent, and humanly impressive as Netanyahu’s words to Obama on May 20 were, the latter reportedly responded afterward by going into a rage and shouting: 'What the f—k was that?' Whether or not that’s accurate, Obama’s ensuing political behavior clearly manifests his attitude toward Netanyahu’s, and the Israeli people’s, acute concern about the territorial aspect of their security: total contempt."

Another Epic Obama Fail

Over-riding legal  procedures to fudge the WPA. Idiot. Obviously, he really doesn't regard it as constitutional (whether he admits it to himself or not), but to declare it so would upturn his base's pacifistic, constitution-be-damned world-view. So he dances around it and creates a needless crisis (Allah):

"See what he did here? The OLC is typically called 'the president’s law firm' because it’s tasked with advising him on what he can and can’t legally do with his office. They study the law and consult with relevant agencies, and then they make a formal determination to guide his actions. That’s what should have happened here — they likely would have determined that he was violating the War Powers Act, which in turn would have forced him to go to Congress and finally request formal authorization of the mission. (In fact, Johnson, the Pentagon’s counsel, reportedly told Obama he’d be on firmer ground if he stopped the drone strikes, at least. Obama refused.) This time, because he almost certainly knew that they’d tell him that he was in violation, he bypassed the normal procedures to avoid a binding ruling and treated the OLC as if it was just one lawyer among many. He rigged the game because he knew what the probable outcome would be if he didn’t. Disgraceful."

If Bush had done this, especially with a Dem Congress, is there any question he've been impeached?

Friday, June 17, 2011

The 'Stache Is My Man long as he's considering a run.


"On Israel, Bolton told me, 'There is no doubt he’s the most anti-Israel president we’ve had.' But even then, he says part of the policy failure is explained by Obama’s lack of persistent involvement. 'He dips in, and then he dips out,' Bolton explained. On the Palestinians’ threat to go to the U.N., Bolton said he sees no effort by the administration to rally opinion in the General Assembly, where he expects 150 to 160 countries to vote to recognize a Palestinian state. That in and of itself, he argued, shows a lack of competent leadership by Obama."


Obama licks union boots, America suffers.


"The Wisconsin maneuver ultimately failed, as likely will the assault on Boeing. In the interim, however, there is collateral damage — to U.S. exports, to the larger economy, to bankruptcy law, to free trade, to a constitutional system wherein the legislatures make the laws, rather than willful judges and partisan regulators.

"But what are those when there are unions to appease and elections to win?"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stephen Jay Gould: Full Of Crap

An object of Gould's self-righteous ire, vindicated (Wade in The Times-Dem, via Derbyshire, via rdbrewer at Ace):

"In his book, Dr. Gould contended that Morton’s results were 'a patchwork of fudging and finagling in the clear interest of controlling a priori convictions.' This fudging was not deliberate, Dr. Gould said, but rather an instance of unconscious doctoring of data, a practice he believed was 'rampant, endemic and unavoidable' in science. His finding is widely cited as an instance of scientific bias and fallibility.

"But the Penn team finds Morton’s results were neither fudged nor influenced by his convictions. They identified and remeasured half of the skulls used in his reports, finding that in only 2 percent of cases did Morton’s measurements differ significantly from their own. These errors either were random or gave a larger than accurate volume to African skulls, the reverse of the bias that Dr. Gould imputed to Morton."

Andrew Sullivan Declares Hatred Of Israel

If Sullivan isn't an anti-Semite, he sure does enjoy co-traveling with them (Radosh):

"That isn’t good enough for Sullivan. In an astounding blog post, Sullivan makes it more than clear that in his eyes, the American people are wrong, and that it is time for the United States to put an end to the special relationship with Israel that all American presidents, despite ups and downs, have essentially maintained since Israel’s creation in 1948. 'There is no likelihood,' he writes, 'that the US will do the logical thing and vote for Palestinian statehood in the UN this fall.' "

Obama & Co. Breaking The Law

From Senate Dems failing to produce a budget, to His Oneness refusing to address - or even acknowledge his legal obligation to address - Medicare shortfalls, the current crop of Dems is a pathetic lot.


"Democrats in both the executive and legislative branches are scofflaws. While they love to orate piously about the 'rule of law'--usually when the law does not, in fact, say what they want it to--they happily ignore the law when it suits their political convenience. This should be a scandal, but Washington reporters have been too busy studying Sarah Palin's emails and Anthony Weiner's Twitter account to notice."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Obama Can''t Even Get His WPA Rejection Right

Just pathetic.

THE WPA is unconstitutional.  But the hugely intellectually dishonest Obama (Allah), even when he's acting precisely in accord with how previous Presidents have acted necessarily as Commanders-In-Chiefs, cannot bring himself to dismiss WPA crap as, yet again, is logically demanded.  No, he's got to instead pretend...wait for it...that the Libyan engagement doesn't represent hostilities!!!  WTF?

Damn it, but Obama is pitiful.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

China's Making Trouble

Yeah, China: the oligarchic tyranny that Tom Friedman and assorted oh-so erudite, self-regarding moonbats think is the greatest thing since sliced bread (the trains run on time, or something like that).

Well the Chinese are bullying their neighbors with the peculiarly moronic language of dictators that we've come to know and deride (think Kim Jong-il writ really, really large) (c/o Xenakis at Big Peace):

"Saturday's editorial mixed righteous indignation with patronizing language in a reflection of the condescension with which Beijing frequently regards its smaller Communist neighbor. While China assisted Vietnam's Communists against France and the United States, relations soon soured and China briefly invaded in 1979 in retaliation for Hanoi's toppling of Beijing's Khmer Rouge allies in Cambodia.

"Despite its size and strength, China has 'never sought to politically blackmail smaller countries,' the editorial said.

" 'But when a small country turns that around and tries to blackmail China, the Chinese people will on the one hand feel rather angry, while on the other hand find it quite amusing,' it said."

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Bit Of Brilliant George Will For A Sunday Evening; Read It Well

Re: the PPACA (via Hot Air):

"The Goldwater Institute’s challenge to the IPAB serves the high purpose of highlighting some of Obamacare’s most grotesque provisions, which radiate distrust of the public and its elected representatives. The essence of progressivism, and of the administrative state that is progressivism’s project, is this doctrine: Modern society is too complex for popular sovereignty, so government of, by and for supposedly disinterested experts must not perish from the earth."

The Old 'Seeking Treatment' Ploy

Weiner tries to dodge resignation.

Let's start counting all the Dems who gladly seize upon this as a fair alternative to a permanent adios.

Another One Bites The Dust

This time it's supreme (Al-Qaeda) mega-freakazoid Fazul Abdullah, who masterminded the 1998 embassy bombings in Kenya.

Rock On!

Weiner Apologists Fall All Over Themselves To Defend Him

A few usual suspects:

Garafalo (JammieWearingFool):

"On the same day the lamestreamers are poring over Palin emails, she whines about the media being obsessed with Weiner. If only they had been two weeks ago he'd probably already be in rehab."

Barbara Walters (The Daily Caller):

"Walters also defended Weiner by attacking former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. She argued if Palin can make a bus tour and be considered viable for the presidency, then Weiner can get away with this and continue to be a sitting congressman."

Alec Baldwin (HuffPo):

"My thought on Weiner is that he is a very busy man."

Sandra Bernhard (HuffPo):

"Weiner's weiner is wearing you out!

" 'Haha, well not literally. I'm tired of this whole topic. Something had to have happened for this to get out. Somewhere along the lines he took a picture of his crotch. What the hell are you doing?"

Charlie Rangel (WSJ via Big Government):

"He suggested that other members of Congress had done worse things than Weiner, who admitted this week to sending racy messages and explicit photographs of himself to women he didn't know.

" 'I don't know what he did, who he offended. I know one thing: He wasn't going with prostitutes. He wasn't going out with little boys. He wasn't going into the men's room with broad stances,' said Rangel."

Charles Johnson (The Blogmocracy):

"Charles has posted 11 articles defending Anthony Weiner. He even had his minions conduct experiments to prove Weiner didn’t do the tweets. His culprit is some obscure website called yfrog!"

Weiner's constituents (NPR):

"But a new poll shows that a majority of the his constituents in Queens and Brooklyn want him to stay in office, even after the revelation that he sent lewd photos of himself to young women over the Internet and then lied about it. The poll also suggests that many of Weiner's constituents would vote for him again — if they get the chance."

Friday, June 10, 2011

Miller Interviews Mamet

They point out that lefties dare not read Hayek.

Russel Crowe Is A Jackass

What is it about residence in actors' skulls that shrivels the human brain?

If Crowe (courtesy Nolte at Big Hollywood) said this with knowledge of the anti-Semitic movement to ban circumcision in San Francisco and the recent contretemps about it, then he is an anti-Semite.

If not, then he is merely a fellow-travelling fool.

And he tops it off with this!:

“I love my Jewish friends, I love the apples and the honey and the funny little hats, but stop cutting your babies."

He should get a pass for this exactly why?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Must Be Shared

Taranto's end-joke today:

"The Weiners Have a Bun in the Oven

'Representative Anthony D. Weiner and Huma Abedin are . . . expecting their first child,' the New York Times reports. 'The pregnancy, which the couple have disclosed to close friends and family, adds a new dimension to questions about the future of their marriage.'

"We just hope it's a girl. Otherwise, Dad is liable to post photos from the bris all over the Internet, leaving the poor kid to cry that he's been hacked."

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Repubs Can Be Morons Too

If Obama is for it, they're agin' it! [By gumbo!]

Boot at Contentions:

"Qaddafi will fall; it’s only a matter of time. Washington Republicans would be well advised not to try to come to this discredited tyrant’s rescue. Instead they should push the Obama administration to ensure that there is a good plan in place for the post-Qaddafi phase when it will be imperative to dispatch a substantial international stabilization force to avoid the kind of disasters that occurred in post-2003 Iraq."

Of course, what comes later with a rebel victory is another story.  To whatever extent an assisting power retains influence with victorious rebels it will be Europe more than the US; somehow I'm skeptical that will help us much. But right now there's no point in waffling about Qaddafi - kill him, quick. Win, fast.

The Kucinich-supporting Repubs are fools.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Coldplay Promotes Palestinian Propaganda

Another moonbat pop 'artist'/group swallows the Palestinian ball of crap.

Artists through the ages have had much to say to nations, and to humanity.  Nowadays it is clear that those we call 'artisits' continue to think of themselves as those with something to say.

That they really don't is a puzzle.  Is it because the societal flaws to which artists may have spoken have, over the centuries, been exhausted? Or is it because the term 'artist' does not truly apply to those (pop singers, pap writers, actors and actresses, and the like) who call themselves that today?

A little bit of both, I think.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Obamazoids Worried About Electoral Price For Obama's Israel-Hatred... they wave their hands frantically; but without persuading His Oneness to actually change any of his Israel-hating policies.

Goodman at Contentions:

"Earlier today, I wrote about Rahm Emmanuel’s politically-calculated defense of Obama’s “commitment to Israel” in the Washington Post. And now it appears that the White House has also launched a new section on its website, defending the president’s Israel record.

"The website, headlined 'President Obama: Advancing Israel’s Security and Supporting Peace,' reiterates the president’s call for a negotiation based on the '1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states.' But it does not say that the U.S. will support Israel’s imperative to incorporate heavily-populated Israel settlements across the green line into its future borders, and he says nothing about the existential threat of the Palestinian 'right of return.' He also didn’t comment on the impending Hamas-Fatah unity government."

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Anti-Semitic? Yeah, I'd Say So

Anti-Semites have a go in the City By The Bay.

Following some of the links, I would guess some irony-challenged Jews are willingly giving these guys cover. The 'over-the-top' comic exaggeration is deft camouflage, and the irony-deaf are always trying to prove they're hip to the satire they really can't recognize.

It's bald-faced, anti-Semitic bull-crap, people. Get a clue.

Do non-anti-Semitic anti-circumcision activists exist? I suppose so. But their arguments make no sense either, and they have nothing to do with these crumbs other than perhaps fellow-travelling, to their utter shame.

It Must Be Their Devotion To Science!

Michael Hayden likens deniers of the efficacy of enhanced interrogation to birthers and truthers.

Exactly right.

Hayden in the WSJ:

"But if they cannot or will not, shouldn't they be true to their faith? If they truly believe that these interrogations did not and could not yield useful intelligence, they should demand that the CIA identify all the information derived directly or indirectly from enhanced interrogation. And then they should insist the agency destroy it. They should also insist that significant portions of the 9/11 Commission Report be rescinded, as it too was based on this data. This would be perfectly consistent with the interrogation deniers' transcendental faith that nothing of use could have come from enhanced interrogations after 9/11.

"Strange that we have not heard such calls, even from the most ardent interrogation deniers. Perhaps they are not really like 'birthers' and 'truthers' after all. Perhaps, when all the public ideological posturing is done, and they are through attacking both their opponents' arguments and their character, they quietly concede to themselves that facts really do matter."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Double Standard Files

Nice Deb contrasts the NY-26 Affair with Weinergate:

"Weiner is digging in, lawyering up, refusing to answer questions, and swearing at reporters. Dems are circling the wagons."

Of course the real reason these two cases have proceeded differently isn't so much the media double standard (which, as Nice Deb points out, the MSM is endeavoring to overcome in the case of Weiner) but the simple fact that this sort of behavior is less objectionable to Dems than it is to Repubs. It's easier to ride out misbehavior about which a majority in your own party scratches its collective head trying to figure out what's so bad.

Dems imagine when one of their own pulls this crap, it's less "hypocritical." And in their minds "moral hypocrisy" is the worst sin of all.

Profound ethical and civics reasoning!  Courtesy of the Democratic Party of America.