Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sing It: Debt Ceiling

Rap by Remy (

Big Chunk Of What 2012 Is About

Boiled down (DiSalvo courtesy of

You want more detail?  Here's some, Jack (Wickert at PJM):

"If one listened to the violent rhetoric of the public employee unions, one would have expected today to be a dark day for education in Wisconsin. 'This is a disaster,' said Wisconsin Senate Democratic leader Mark Miller in February after Governor Scott Walker first proposed Act 10. Miller predicted catastrophe if the bill were to become law, a charge repeated thousands of times by his fellow Democrats, union officials, and protesters in the streets. Now the bill is law, and we have evidence of how wonderfully it is working. Instead of a catastrophe, it is a day of miraculous optimism, balanced budgets, educational improvement, and fiscal recovery."

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Ripples Of Obamafication

VDH on an Islamicized Turkey and how that might play out for Greece.

If you don't get what this has to do with The One, you don't get much.

"At some point, an ambitious Turkey, its military and government now in sync as in past Ottoman fashion, will reassert its prior influence in the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean without too much worry over what a NATO rendered impotent in Libya, an imploding European Union, or a nearly insolvent U.S. might say. Greece — without money or many friends these days — should be worried, both over the unresolved tensions in Cyprus and over disputed areas in the Aegean. If Turkey pressed a bit, what would it have to worry about? A Germany angry over treatment shown its friend Greece? An ascendant and powerful NATO as evidenced through its brilliant air campaign against Qaddafi? A strong and assertive U.S. as shown by reset diplomacy over the last three years, and the financial health of America?"

The Choice

Nuts and bolts, courtesy of The Hammer:

"We’re only at the midpoint. Obama won a great victory in 2008 that he took as a mandate to transform America toward European-style social democracy. The subsequent counterrevolution delivered to that project a staggering rebuke in November 2010. Under our incremental system, however, a rebuke delivered is not a mandate conferred. That awaits definitive resolution, the rubber match of November 2012.

"I have every sympathy with the conservative counterrevolutionaries. Their containment of the Obama experiment has been remarkable. But reversal — rollback, in Cold War parlance — is simply not achievable until conservatives receive a mandate to govern from the White House."

"...that he took as a mandate to transform America toward European-style social democracy."  That's right.  We warned you, America. But you wouldn't listen. The One was going to 'transcend politics.' Now you know different.

And this appears to be the perfect moment for a big, fat thank you, Obamazoids!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ball's In Your Court, Obamazoids

Boehner's bill, completely inadequate as it is in order to accommodate Dems' 'concerns,' has now garnered sufficient Repub support for passage.  It is the third budget bill put forward by the House (Republicans). It does not even remotely accomplish everything the Repubs want (i.e. what is needed for the sake of the country). But in the interest of compromise the Repubs have proven they are willing to sacrifice their full desires to meet the Dems half-way and get it done.

So far, however, responsible efforts to rein in spending have been a Republican only enterprise.  Why? 'Cause the Dems are a bunch of lock-step Obamazoids, that's why.  Not a single Dem vote in the House for this bill. What a group of pathetic, oblivious, personality-and-ideology worshipping, narcissistic drones.

How does anyone stay in that Party?  Hard to fathom.

Sharpton Joke

In 'The Best Of The Web' (Taranto) - a joke that I couldn't not link:

"Say what you will about Sharpton, this story makes us proud to be an American. In what other country can a parasite realistically aspire to become a host?"

Go to the link to see the context.

Fools Pink Stache; I Doubt Stache Even Notices

Hey, Dems. Care to defend your allies/co-travellers/base/fellows (Geller)?

John Bolton for President.  In a heartbeat.

Freakazoid Stopped Prior To Mass Murder

After Norway, one hesitates to speculate about motives prior to seeing all the facts.

But in this case it's an arrest, not an explosion, so we have some investigative info from the get-go.

Here's a bit:

"Sources said Abdo had enough materials to make two bombs, including 18 pounds of sugar and six pounds of smokeless gunpowder -- a possible trigger for an explosive. A pressure cooker was also found. Another counterterrorism source said the bomb making materials and methodology came 'straight out of Inspire (a terrorist magazine) and an Al Qaeda explosives course manual.' "

And this:

"Abdo went AWOL on July 4. On the eve of his first deployment to Afghanistan -- after only one year in the Army -- Abdo applied for conscientious objector status as a Muslim. It was denied by his superiors at Fort Campbell but later overturned by the Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Army review board."


Addendum: Let's play a game.  Let's guess how many MSM sources play up the connections to left-wing idiot sites/groups this guy has.  My guess: zero.


"That makes the same kind of sense as Abdo’s enlisting in the military during a war in Afghanistan and then suddenly declaring he has moral compunctions about the war in Afghanistan. Here’s a clue, folks; if he worked on your campaign and you published his statement, then you’re connected to him. It doesn’t take a W-4 or a membership card to make that connection, especially if the group publicly defended Abdo for his odd request."

Just The Facts, Ma'am

Israel puts out a cute video (nothing cuter than truth):

And Still People Vote Dem

Who are they?

Fueled by runaway entitlement spending, the country heads toward economic ruin.  A credit downgrade is only the beginning. Yet Dems threaten to vote against Boehner's budget out of hand.

Memo to Dems: Boehner's plan is already a compromise. It does nothing to address the real structural reforms needed to save important entitlements like Social Security and Medicare.  Nor does it cut spending a fraction of an iota as much as is needed. It can generously be called  a 'start' in the right direction.

But Dems, in the core of their being, don't get that our economic future is our future. Sure, they mouth platitudes about getting our 'fiscal house in order,' opposing tax increases, and eliminating 'waste' (especially when an election looms and swing [low info] voters need to be deceived). But when the rubber meets the road they (even those who, risibly, claim to be 'fiscally conservative') focus on where their hearts - and their base and therefore the source of most of their votes and their money - really reside: class warfare, the growth qua growth of government, and the relativization of the Constitution.  Twenty six percent of GDP in government spending, 66% of budgetary spending on wealth transfers, and the life-choking explosion of the regulatory state is just not enough for them.  They want more.

Here's a nice summary of how we got here.

And here's a picture.

Have a nice day.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Looking More Like A NON-Islamic Type Psycho

Whether there is anything more than psychosis here we shall see, but they're leaking "traits directed toward the right":

" 'He is clear on the point that he wants to explain himself,' Roger Andresen told reporters Saturday.

"National police chief Sveinung Sponheim told NRK that the suspected gunman's Internet postings 'suggest that he has some political traits directed toward the right, and anti-Muslim views, but whether that was a motivation for the actual act remains to be seen.'

"Andersen said the suspect posted on websites with Christian fundamentalist tendencies. He did not describe the websites in any more details."

Addendum - Malkin comments:

"We will wait to see what details emerge and I will continue to update this post. As the above WaPo article and countless Mainstream Media stories throughout the day noted, the context and timing most definitely suggested jihad and there should be no apology for reading the signs and connecting several large, obvious dots.

"Unlike those who speculated that the Giffords’ shooter was a Tea Party activist and held onto the assumption even after it was disproved, I will not continue to insist that jihadists bear blame for this heinous attack if it turns out they played no role."

Just so.

Addendum - Bawer at PJM:

"It is chilling to read my own name in postings by this mass murderer. And it is deeply depressing to see this evil, twisted creature become the face of Islam criticism in Norway. Norwegian television journalists who in the first hours of the crisis were palpably uncomfortable about the prospect of having to talk about Islamic terrorism are now eagerly discussing the dangers of 'Islamophobia' and 'conservative ideology' and are drawing connections between the madness and fanaticism of Breivik and the platform of the Progress Party. Yesterday’s events, then, represent a double tragedy for Norway. Not only has it lost almost one hundred people, including dozens of young people, in a senseless rampage of violence. But legitimate criticism of Islam, which remains a very real threat to freedom in Norway and the West, has been profoundly discredited by association with this murderous lunatic."

Addendum (Podhoretz):

"...As for those, particularly those on the Israeli anti-Zionist left, who took to Twitter seemingly in celebration of the fact that the killer was not an Islamist—as though that calls into question strong action taken against the Islamists who commit the vast majority of such terrorist acts—one can only say that it is very strange and very sad to see what gives some activists pleasure. He is exactly the kind of psychotic ideologue of the Right so many in this country instantly assumed Jared Loughner, the schizophrenic who shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, was—and this fact seems to have inspired a bizarre score-settling glee."

Friday, July 22, 2011

Terror In Norway

Identity of freakazoids unknown as yet, but we have this (Atlas Shrugs):

"The news of an explosion in the Norwegian government quarter was cheered as 'good news' by Al-Qaida followers on Islamic internet forums. 'You don't have much more time to pull your soldiers out of Afghanistan or you'll see blood in the streets', wrote one user."

Background at Malkin's place:

"FYI: Yes, there is a militant Muslim presence in Oslo. See this."

So we don't quite know yet. But we're all asking the same question (some - conservatives - more honestly than others).

Addendum: already from the AP:

"A Norwegian police official says the 32-year-old Norwegian man suspected of the Oslo bombing and a shooting at a youth camp does not appear to be linked to Islamist terrorism.

"The official says the attacks probably have more in common with the 1995 attack on a U.S. federal building in Oklahoma City than the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks."

Occasionally the freakazoid is a rarer flavor.

There were early reports of jihadi 'credit' claims but those claims were subsequently muddied. Time will tell.

Next time, and there will be next time, the very same questions will still be justified - however it turns out this time around.

Addendum - very sharp commentary by the inestimable Andrew McCarthy (at The Corner):

"Early reports quote witnesses as describing the Oslo suspect who is in custody as 'blond,' 'Nordic-looking,' and 'Norwegian.' Naturally, MSNBC is going up in a balloon over this, reporting that a 'specialist in Islamic movements' is 'caution[ing] that widespread assumptions that the attacks were connected to international terrorism could be wrong.' The expert, Magnus Ranstorp, concludes that the description of the suspect points 'to an internal rather than an external extremist.'

"Again, it is premature to draw conclusions at this stage. Still, having debated the subject of profiling for years, I am always amazed at how quickly the people who say we must not profile become committed profilers when it suits their purposes."

Proven: Dems Care More About Increasing Taxes And Spending Than About Raising The Debt Ceiling

Remember this the next time you hear His Oneness carrying on about "irresponsible" Republicans holding the debt ceiling 'hostage.'

" 'The Democrat-led Senate's failure to both produce a budget and pass the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act of 2011 underscores the Democrats' irresponsible commitment to the status quo,' Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said in a statement after voting for the bill. 'While the president and Senator Reid refuse to produce a plan to deal with our debt crisis, Republicans will keep working to meet the nation’s fiscal challenges.' "

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

As For The "Gang Of Six?"

Steyn at The Corner:

"If you take the Gang’s figure of half-a-trillion dollars in immediate “aggressive deficit reduction” seriously, that represents about what the U.S. government borrows every four months. What’s 'aggressive' about that? And what’s immediate about it? It’s all unspecified 'discretionary spending caps' and 'process reforms' that will collapse like souffl├ęs ten minutes after the signing ceremony. Obviously it’s appealing to Democrats: It accepts their view that 25 percent of GDP should be the new baseline for national (“federal” no longer seems quite the word) government spending. But what’s in it for Republicans?"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Great Dem Lie

Wehner at Contentions spells it out:

"Here’s the dirty little secret of this debate: If President Obama embraced the legislation Republicans passed last night, this crisis would be solved. The debt ceiling would be raised. But the president, his Democratic allies, and many members of the fourth estate have placed a higher priority on raising taxes than they have on averting a default and a financial collapse. Which tells you just about everything you need to know."

Monday, July 18, 2011

Adults Again Propose Reasonable Budget Bill

I wonder what the White House denizen with the neonatal brain, or his rug rat buddies in the Senate, will say?

Cut, Cap, and Balance:

"The bill imposes caps on federal spending as a percentage of GDP. It also allows for an increase in the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion in exchange for both the Senate and House approving a balanced budget amendment."

One thing's for sure - His Oneness,  even after all his noxious scare-mongering about the debt-ceiling, won't feel compelled to so much as respond seriously to this bill (which raises the debt-ceiling), or even now, God forbid, propose a budget of his own.



Saturday, July 16, 2011

Observations Times-Dem Readers Are Missing Dept.

Goodman at Contentions:

"Apparently, Department of Justice officials think the allegations against NewsCorp are light on facts, but have decided to open a file on them anyway because of pressure from lawmakers–pressure which apparently didn’t convince the DOJ to investigate the ACORN scandal, 2008 voter intimidation claims, and other incidents that might have been damaging to the Obama administration."

Friday, July 15, 2011

Obam Gets Off His Ass And Meets The Dalai Lama

Well, good for him.  I give him props.

Screw the ChiComs.


Klavan notices media misdirection:

Obama Refuses To Propose Budget, Blames Repubs For Failing To Propose Budget

What a maroon.

The Hammer, in his usual fashion, hits the nail:

"A long-term deal or nothing? The Republican House should immediately pass a short-term debt-ceiling hike of $500 billion containing $500 billion in budget cuts. That would give us about five months to work on something larger.

"The fat-cat tax breaks (those corporate jets) that Obama’s talking points endlessly recycle? Republicans should call for urgent negotiations on tax reform along the lines of the Simpson-Bowles commission that, in one option, strips out annually $1.1 trillion of deductions, credits and loopholes while lowering tax rates across the board to a top rate of 23 percent. The president says he wants tax reform, doesn’t he? Well, Mr. President, here are five months to do so.

"Will the Democratic Senate or the Democratic president refuse this offer and allow the country to default — with all the cataclysmic consequences that the Democrats have been warning about for months — because Obama insists on a deal that is 10 months and seven days longer?

"That’s indefensible and transparently self-serving. Dare the president to make that case. Dare him to veto — or the Democratic Senate to block — a short-term debt-limit increase."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Democratic Anti-Semitism?

Dems are ganging up on Cantor.  They are, in a word, making him a scapegoat.

Why the focus on one personality here?

Answer: the reason for scapegoating from time immemorial: diversion.

That is, the Dems are employing the very same tactic, for the very same purpose, for which anti-Semitism is notorious, and the world's prime example.

And their target is a Jew.

You do the math.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hillary Gets...Something Or Other?

At Betty Ford's funeral, HRC and GWB share some - a lot of - words (h/t HotAir):

Here's Daveinboca's comment on the ABC thread:

"I think in the last two-plus years since she's had the SecState job that Hillary realizes that GWB has more brains AND more political courage than her current boss.

Maybe she's asking for tips on how to escape from a sinking ship...!!!"

I'd like to think so. But other comenter are probably right that they wouldn't spill anything of consequence in this setting. More likely to be pleasant nothings.

Obama Lied? Imagine That

Nice illustration of the way Dems operate - Presidential 'anecdote' was made up out of whole cloth (Taranto):

"When Barack Obama was running for president, he told the harrowing story of his mother, who died of cancer, as the Washington Examiner's Byron York reports:

'I remember in the last month of her life, she wasn't thinking about how to get well, she wasn't thinking about coming to terms with her own mortality, she was thinking about whether or not insurance was going to cover the medical bills and whether our family would be bankrupt as a consequence,' Obama said in September 2007.
'She was in her hospital room looking at insurance forms because the insurance company said that maybe she had a pre-existing condition and maybe they wouldn't have to reimburse her for her medical bills,' Obama added in January 2008.
"A New York Times reporter has now revealed these stories to be fictional. In her new biography, 'A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother,' the Times's Janny Scott reveals that Mrs. Obama was in fact covered by medical insurance from diagnosis until death."

Monday, July 11, 2011

Obama-Dem EPA Leading The Way In Shit Science

It's science-friendly lefties again! Gotta vote left-Dem if you support science and reason-based policy!! H/t Reynolds:

“ 'The sleeping giant is that EPA science is on the rocks . . . if you fail, you become irrelevant, and that is kind of a crisis,' Burke told a joint meeting of EPA’s Science Advisory Board and EPA’s Board of Scientific Counselors (BOSC) charged with looking at the reorganization of the agency’s research programs."

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What Did Our Amazingly Horrendous President Do This Time?

Why, he declined to meet the Dalai Lama (Tobin, Commentary).

Ill thought out wars in which we eschew victory, you betcha.'

Simple symbolic gestures that cement our leadership on human rights, not so much.

You couldn't invent a Presidency this bad.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

UN Condemns Israeli Self-Defense

Another dog-bites-man story (WSJ):

"The United Nations sharply criticized Israel for using live ammunition in May against Palestinian protesters who tried to scale an Israeli security fence on the Lebanese border, according to a U.N. report reviewed by The Wall Street Journal."

The Arab-instigated world war against Israel continues apace.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jackie Mason, Still Kicking

...And giving Obama the business (Amato at Big Hollywood):

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Corporate Jets, Eh?

While His Oneness whines on about insufficiently taxed corporate jets, his administration withholds information about its use jets (Richardson at PJM):

"I spoke to Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, last week. He says there’s more to it than just the administration not wanting to turn over records. The dirty little secret is that the Air Force has a fleet of luxury jets they make available to high government officials and members of Congress. Fitton also said the records we’ve asked for are readily available."

Friday, July 1, 2011

Dead Is Dead

Somali military, whoever they are (there's a government in Somalia?), get one (Keep America Safe):

"Somali officials confirmed today that Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, al Qaeda's leader in East Africa and a senior Shabaab commander, was killed at a Somali military checkpoint in Mogadishu earlier this week. Fazul is one of the most wanted terrorists in East Africa for his role in attacks on US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania as well as his role within Shabaab."