Friday, April 1, 2011

Anti-Israel On The Campuses Of Norway

The Dersh, shut out (Goodman, at Contentions):

"According to Dershowitz, the sustained effort at Norwegian schools to initiate an Israeli cultural and academic boycott has resulted in a 'de facto' boycott of Jewish pro-Israel speakers. 'Moreover,' writes Dershowitz, 'all Jews are presumed to be pro-Israel unless they have a long track record of anti-Israel rhetoric.' ”

Well, good.  I hope I'm 'presumed' to be pro-Israel. It means I'm 'presumed' not to be an idiot.

But I kid. What Dersh really means is that Jews are 'presumed' to be tribal bigots, by virtue of their pro-Israel stance. In this he is undoubtedly correct, and correct to view this Norwegian academic attitude as deplorable. Where he is wrong is in implying that any given Jew's "long track record of anti-Israel rhetoric" buys him or her respected status on the campuses of Norway as homo sapiens rationalis exaltus.

More like homo sapiens lackey utilitas, I'd say.