Friday, April 1, 2011

The Times-Dem, Unmasked

Hinderaker nails 'em in a lie:

"Let's pause for a moment on those "Democratic power brokers and unions." The truth is that if the Times is unhappy with big money in politics, it is barking up the wrong tree. The Republicans are the grassroots party; it is the Times's own Democratic Party that is the beneficiary of the vast majority of fat cat donations. This is from my post Who Are the Demons Here?...

"...You have to get down to number 19 before you find a big-time donor that gives significantly more to Republicans than Democrats. And the Koch brothers are not even on the radar screen.

"The New York Times represents a new low in American journalism, especially in its editorials. The paper isn't even original--it gets its content from slimy, billionaire-funded, radical web sites. It doesn't fact check, it just repeats smears--and in some cases, it baselessly amplifies them. Its parroting of those smears is so slavish that it is close to plagiarism. If there is a news outlet less worthy of respect, I can't think what it would be.

"UPDATE: Following up on this post, I have requested that the Times issue a correction."