Monday, May 30, 2011

Egypt Tilts Iran-ish

Oh, the lovely 'Arab Spring!'

Rubin at the JP:

"There was recently a violent demonstration at the Israeli Embassy in Cairo.

"The protesters set fire to an Israeli flag and demanded that the Israeli ambassador be expelled. They attempted to storm the embassy; 185 people were arrested, 18 police were injured.

"The demonstration was organized on Facebook by the April 6 Youth Movement – the same 'moderate' and 'democratic' group so highly praised in the West for 'leading' the Egyptian revolution.

"Asmaa Mahfouz is a leader of the movement. In fact, she claims that she personally began the revolution with a video calling for demonstrations.

"Now, Mahfouz is trying to launch a new revolution against the military rulers.

"One of the reasons she’s protesting the transitional military regime is that the army protected the Israeli Embassy from being seized by the demonstrators."