Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Double Standard Files

Nice Deb contrasts the NY-26 Affair with Weinergate:

"Weiner is digging in, lawyering up, refusing to answer questions, and swearing at reporters. Dems are circling the wagons."

Of course the real reason these two cases have proceeded differently isn't so much the media double standard (which, as Nice Deb points out, the MSM is endeavoring to overcome in the case of Weiner) but the simple fact that this sort of behavior is less objectionable to Dems than it is to Repubs. It's easier to ride out misbehavior about which a majority in your own party scratches its collective head trying to figure out what's so bad.

Dems imagine when one of their own pulls this crap, it's less "hypocritical." And in their minds "moral hypocrisy" is the worst sin of all.

Profound ethical and civics reasoning!  Courtesy of the Democratic Party of America.