Thursday, July 28, 2011

And Still People Vote Dem

Who are they?

Fueled by runaway entitlement spending, the country heads toward economic ruin.  A credit downgrade is only the beginning. Yet Dems threaten to vote against Boehner's budget out of hand.

Memo to Dems: Boehner's plan is already a compromise. It does nothing to address the real structural reforms needed to save important entitlements like Social Security and Medicare.  Nor does it cut spending a fraction of an iota as much as is needed. It can generously be called  a 'start' in the right direction.

But Dems, in the core of their being, don't get that our economic future is our future. Sure, they mouth platitudes about getting our 'fiscal house in order,' opposing tax increases, and eliminating 'waste' (especially when an election looms and swing [low info] voters need to be deceived). But when the rubber meets the road they (even those who, risibly, claim to be 'fiscally conservative') focus on where their hearts - and their base and therefore the source of most of their votes and their money - really reside: class warfare, the growth qua growth of government, and the relativization of the Constitution.  Twenty six percent of GDP in government spending, 66% of budgetary spending on wealth transfers, and the life-choking explosion of the regulatory state is just not enough for them.  They want more.

Here's a nice summary of how we got here.

And here's a picture.

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