Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ball's In Your Court, Obamazoids

Boehner's bill, completely inadequate as it is in order to accommodate Dems' 'concerns,' has now garnered sufficient Repub support for passage.  It is the third budget bill put forward by the House (Republicans). It does not even remotely accomplish everything the Repubs want (i.e. what is needed for the sake of the country). But in the interest of compromise the Repubs have proven they are willing to sacrifice their full desires to meet the Dems half-way and get it done.

So far, however, responsible efforts to rein in spending have been a Republican only enterprise.  Why? 'Cause the Dems are a bunch of lock-step Obamazoids, that's why.  Not a single Dem vote in the House for this bill. What a group of pathetic, oblivious, personality-and-ideology worshipping, narcissistic drones.

How does anyone stay in that Party?  Hard to fathom.