Thursday, July 28, 2011

Freakazoid Stopped Prior To Mass Murder

After Norway, one hesitates to speculate about motives prior to seeing all the facts.

But in this case it's an arrest, not an explosion, so we have some investigative info from the get-go.

Here's a bit:

"Sources said Abdo had enough materials to make two bombs, including 18 pounds of sugar and six pounds of smokeless gunpowder -- a possible trigger for an explosive. A pressure cooker was also found. Another counterterrorism source said the bomb making materials and methodology came 'straight out of Inspire (a terrorist magazine) and an Al Qaeda explosives course manual.' "

And this:

"Abdo went AWOL on July 4. On the eve of his first deployment to Afghanistan -- after only one year in the Army -- Abdo applied for conscientious objector status as a Muslim. It was denied by his superiors at Fort Campbell but later overturned by the Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Army review board."


Addendum: Let's play a game.  Let's guess how many MSM sources play up the connections to left-wing idiot sites/groups this guy has.  My guess: zero.


"That makes the same kind of sense as Abdo’s enlisting in the military during a war in Afghanistan and then suddenly declaring he has moral compunctions about the war in Afghanistan. Here’s a clue, folks; if he worked on your campaign and you published his statement, then you’re connected to him. It doesn’t take a W-4 or a membership card to make that connection, especially if the group publicly defended Abdo for his odd request."