Friday, July 22, 2011

Terror In Norway

Identity of freakazoids unknown as yet, but we have this (Atlas Shrugs):

"The news of an explosion in the Norwegian government quarter was cheered as 'good news' by Al-Qaida followers on Islamic internet forums. 'You don't have much more time to pull your soldiers out of Afghanistan or you'll see blood in the streets', wrote one user."

Background at Malkin's place:

"FYI: Yes, there is a militant Muslim presence in Oslo. See this."

So we don't quite know yet. But we're all asking the same question (some - conservatives - more honestly than others).

Addendum: already from the AP:

"A Norwegian police official says the 32-year-old Norwegian man suspected of the Oslo bombing and a shooting at a youth camp does not appear to be linked to Islamist terrorism.

"The official says the attacks probably have more in common with the 1995 attack on a U.S. federal building in Oklahoma City than the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks."

Occasionally the freakazoid is a rarer flavor.

There were early reports of jihadi 'credit' claims but those claims were subsequently muddied. Time will tell.

Next time, and there will be next time, the very same questions will still be justified - however it turns out this time around.

Addendum - very sharp commentary by the inestimable Andrew McCarthy (at The Corner):

"Early reports quote witnesses as describing the Oslo suspect who is in custody as 'blond,' 'Nordic-looking,' and 'Norwegian.' Naturally, MSNBC is going up in a balloon over this, reporting that a 'specialist in Islamic movements' is 'caution[ing] that widespread assumptions that the attacks were connected to international terrorism could be wrong.' The expert, Magnus Ranstorp, concludes that the description of the suspect points 'to an internal rather than an external extremist.'

"Again, it is premature to draw conclusions at this stage. Still, having debated the subject of profiling for years, I am always amazed at how quickly the people who say we must not profile become committed profilers when it suits their purposes."