Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just Let Me Put This Out There...

...Because it will be the linchpin of innumerable attacks in the coming months that I'll have to deal with.

Should Rick Perry win the Repub nod, then I will, of course, support him (and I may do so sooner than that, depending on whether anyone else gets in).  Given the waters in which I swim, article one of the faux puzzlement I will face over my stand will be Perry's lack of full-throated endorsement of evolution.

No stronger advocate, upholder, and defender of the Theory of Evolution will thee find than me.  Others know this; hence the point of attack.

I could wax complex; however, better to simply cite Alana Goodman at Contentions, pointing out the ubiquitousness of pro-creationism statements by Repub Presidential candidates through recent history:

"Reagan was wrong on the science. And his comments prompted a fair amount of criticism at the time. But his opinion on the issue had no bearing on the qualities that made him a great president: his judgment, leadership, wisdom and character. Plus, when will the president’s personal opinion on evolution have any impact on policy? Is there a pending fight over mandatory federal creationism programs in the public schools that I’m unaware of? There are plenty of legitimate reasons to criticize Perry, but discounting him based on his remarks on evolution would be short-sighted."

And despite this Repub factoid, it's the Dems who (despite their ridiculous propaganda to the contrary) compare poorly in terms of defense of science in the formation of public policy (Kyoto, EPA regs, the FDA, consumer product regs, anti-drug programs, Bill Ayers-type 'new ed,' opposition to brain research, obstruction of new sources of energy, and on and on and on and on), not to mention defense of reason in the formation of  public policy more generally (everything Obama).

I'm not interested in all the strutting and preening and fawning over 'science.'  I don't need to prove how 'scientific' I am (I don't care if you know or not, i.e. whether you're right or wrong about me). I'm interested in reasonable, effective public policy. My interlocutors might do better in their political choices if they oriented themselves similarly.