Monday, August 8, 2011

Now They Tell Us!

Finally, finally, finally! I've been waiting three years for someone in the mainstream media to point out that the emperor has no clothes, and Bret Stephens is the one to do it (WSJ). Stephens is right on the money in pointing out that the incessant praising of Obama's intelligence is nothing but hype.

Obama is an idiot.


"Of course, it's tempting to be immodest when your admirers are so immodest about you. How many times have we heard it said that Mr. Obama is the smartest president ever? Even when he's criticized, his failures are usually chalked up to his supposed brilliance. Liberals say he's too cerebral for the Beltway rough-and-tumble; conservatives often seem to think his blunders, foreign and domestic, are all part of a cunning scheme to turn the U.S. into a combination of Finland, Cuba and Saudi Arabia.

"I don't buy it. I just think the president isn't very bright."

Read the whole thing, and spread it far and wide. The truth will out.