Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why The Dems Must Go

Ed Markey (Dem representing Massachusett's seventh district, northwest of Boston), channels mainstream Dem thinking to claim that...wait for it... increased regulation creates jobs.

That's right!  You say Dems' reckless spending and expansion of government regulation is killing growth and jobs, and is responsible for the recession and pitiful, dying "recovery?" Well nah, nah  nah!  All that transparently economy-killing crap they have been unrelentingly foisting upon us (for transparently economy-unrelated reasons like "fairness" etc) actually...actually...umm...creates jobs!  So there!

Powers, at Malkin's place:

"More regulations = a healthier economy and more jobs! And if you’re assuming those jobs are probably just more regulators, well, I’ve got news for you — you’re right."