Friday, March 11, 2011

Demagoguery Of A Particularly Craven Sort (fr. Niven, of course)

Krauthammer claims Obama is 'leading,' after a fashion. To which I reply: you mean like the Hindmost?

Well OK, but in a President it's pathetic.

BTW, I'm not really kicking the Hammer; he's got it right again this week:

"That's what makes this administration's claim that Social Security is solvent so cynical. The Republicans have said that their April budget will contain real entitlement reform. President Obama is preparing the ground to demagogue Social Security right through the 2012 elections. The ad writes itself: Those heartless Republicans don't just want to throw granny in the snow, they want to throw granny in the snow to solve a problem that doesn't even exist! Vote Obama.
"On Tuesday, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia denounced Obama for lack of leadership on the debt. It's worse than that. Obama is showing leadership. With Lew's preposterous claim that Social Security is solvent for 26 years, Obama is preparing to lead the charge against entitlement reform as his ticket to reelection."