Friday, March 11, 2011

Media Deceptions

The general meme is a lie (Foster at The Corner, h/t tip to Hot Air) - even at Fox News.

"But more generally, I’m bummed because my Facebook wall, my Twitter etc. are at this moment a testament to how thoroughly Big Labor logic has won the battle for the hearts and minds, not just of liberals, but of 'moderates' too. To hear all the talk of the 'rights' — even 'civil rights'(!) — that have been stripped from public sector workers in this bill by the 'far right wing' is to see Stockholm Syndrome on a massive scale. Call it Madison Syndrome — the completely irrational belief among a large segment of this republic that their interests lie with public sector unions, whose very existence is predicated on decreasing the efficiency with which government services are provided by maximizing labor costs. And who do this by capturing the same elected officials who sign their paychecks. I’ve been shocked by how little people understand about the status quo ante in Wisconsin, and about the nature of (compulsory!) collective bargaining in general."