Thursday, March 10, 2011

How Low Can They Go?

Such is their contempt for the founding principles of this country (i.e. free expression and republican self-rule), their self-righteousness, and their hatred of their fellow Americans (and these vindictive, ignorant class-tribalists include teachers, for heaven's sake!), that PEUs and their Dem supporters in Wisconsin have sunk to the depths of attempted mob tyranny (Taranto):

"Should it become necessary, Gov. Walker still has the option to call out the National Guard. And whether that happens or not, Madison may prove to be the government unionists' Waterloo. Without an elite university campus nearby, it's hard to imagine they can drum up similar-size mobs in Indianapolis, Columbus, Lansing or most other state capitals.
"But if they do figure a way to do so--and particularly if COPS FOR LABOR lend their muscle to the movement--President Obama could find himself obligated to put down a genuine insurrection by his own political supporters."