Wednesday, March 9, 2011


If the people can't hold, neither can their elected representatives.

In Wisconsin, Walker blinks, because he's sinking in the polls  (funny how Obama didn't respond to overwhelming public disapproval of Obamacare when he was ramming it through - but that's another story).  The PEUs are garnering support - probably because too many people belong to them, or know or are related to people who belong to them.

And so the utterly undemocratic, immoral, despicable power tactic of the Dem flight from the Wisconsin Senate is rewarded.

Has our own version of a New Class already reached its unstoppable, critical mass?

Well, in Wisconsin it may have.

Addendum: Here it says Walker's hanging tough (h/t Althouse).  However, the article makes light of the Governor's proposed compromises and admits the poll numbers in Wisconsin are bad:

"It has been nearly a month since the governor unveiled his plan to strip most collective bargaining rights from public employees. In that time, daily protests — some up to 70,000 people — have rung through Capitol Square, and a handful of polls has come out showing dwindling support for Walker's stance.

"The state's 14 Democratic senators remain holed up in Illinois, locked in a stalemate with the Senate Republicans, who who need the presence of at least one member of the minority party before they can bring the bill up for a vote.

"But so far the governor has shown no signs of wavering. On Tuesday, Walker released e-mails showing he is willing to tweak some elements of his bill — such as removing limits on wage negotiations and restoring some items that could be subject to collective bargaining. But the governor remains committed to the bulk of the legislation, which sweeps away decades of collective bargaining rights for public employees."