Thursday, March 10, 2011

Passes Something After All

Walker and the Wisconsin Repubs do it.

And this (Wash Post, h/t Hot Air) is how the Dems are going to play it: the Repubs are 'subverting democracy!'

"The political lesson? While average voters don't follow the minutiae of legislative tactics and procedures they do tend to bristle at the idea of things going on behind closed doors; anything that feels like an end run around the 'way things should be done' tends to be politically treacherous.

"Democrats are doing everything they can to play into the idea that this bill was passed using below-board tactics.

"Wisconsin state Senate Democratic Minority Leader Mark Miller said that 'tonight 18 Senate Republicans conspired to take government away from the people.' "

The Dems have balls, I'll hand then that.

Addendum:  And the democracy-champions now are seizing the Wisconsin Assembly to prevent a vote!!

Addendum: Walker has an op-ed in the WSJ:

"Local governments can't pass budgets on a hope and a prayer. Beyond balancing budgets, our reforms give schools—as well as state and local governments—the tools to reward productive workers and improve their operations. Most crucially, our reforms confront the barriers of collective bargaining that currently block innovation and reform."