Saturday, January 7, 2012

So Soon?

The race card already?

Via Nice Deb:


"...Speaker Boehner did not 'reject' Obama’s request to address Congress, but instead suggested that the president delay the speech for one day, to avoid it being held on the same night as a Republican presidential debate. (And that’s what happened.) Rosenthal’s suggestion that Boehner’s move was somehow racist is too pathetic to even merit a response."

Life News:

"When Rick Santorum dared to allude to the dehumanization of black Americans in our country’s flawed history, liberals went into full attack mode. What is it about the documented past that causes such a visceral adverse reaction from liberals? Santorum, in a January 2011 CNS interview about President Obama’s denial of personhood to the unborn, found it remarkable for a 'black man to say no, we’re going to decide who are people and who are not people.' "

Via Ace (re: LA Moron Times vs Gateway Pundit fracas):

"The left is simply now saying 'racist' equals 'mean.'

"Yes, it is mean. Mean is not racist. Idiots."