Wednesday, January 18, 2012

That Does It

No sooner had I decided on a semi-permanent replacement for Newt on this blog-site, than The New York Times-Dem goes and ruins everything and condemns Newt, the South, and the Republican Party all in one typically foul editorial (h/t the not particularly Newt-friendly Contentions):

"In South Carolina, where a Confederate flag still waves on the front lawn of the State Capitol largely because of the efforts of the state Republican Party, it remains good primary politics to stir up racial animosity and then link it to President Obama. Mr. Gingrich, Mr. Santorum and the crowd that cheered them are following in a long and tawdry tradition, singling out a minority group for lectures while refusing to support policies that help all Americans."


There they go again.  Now they've forced me to put Newt back up on this page, put my bumper sticker back on the car, get a lawn sign,and give Newt more money. Damn.

But allow me to relocate my tongue out of my cheek for just one moment so as to tell The Times, Jimmy Carter, and each and every race-baiting, transparently partisan, intellectually dishonest, hateful, demagogic, cowardly, division-sowing, progressivist, group-identity obsessed, handout-fixated, economically illiterate oh-so-smart moron Obamazoid the following: go take your race card and stick it up your ass.

Have a nice day.