Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yeah, I Dropped The Link To Newt

I still may pull the lever for him. But I hold him responsible for "King Of Bain." And "King Of Bain" is left-wing shit.  Sure, Romney did, and does, Newt dirty and gets away with it. Sure, Romney has failed to, and needs to, rebut the Bain attacks. But that's no excuse. Newt (and his minions) could have hit back hard with conservative punches (notably on RomneyCare). And any mention of Bain should have been framed as an electability issue (as opposed to the electability effect being a mere afterthought, deployed tactically to deflect criticism).

I don't like Romney. His political style is simultaneously dirty and passive. But now Newt is down in the gutter with him. If I hold my nose and vote for Gingrich, it will be just that: a vote and nothing more.