Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stache' Endorses Romney; Rudy Scolds Newt

My two favorites. These clips weigh heavily on my brain (courtesy Verum Serum), especially with the loathsome class warfare attack being launched against Romney. Yes, it's a 'Super PAC,' but I don't know how Newt escapes responsibility for the tenor of this ad. Saying 'he did the same to me' doesn't cut it; I already knew Romney was a crum. Now I know you're one too, Newt? The defense of the anti-Bain attack (even putting aside the propaganda of the actual PAC video) that depends upon dubious, anecdotal, trees-for-forest 'narratives' about lost jobs is strained at best (Goldman).

On the other hand, the idea, endorsed by Fred Barnes, that the "seeds" of a November disaster are being planted now by Perry and Gingrich is ludicrous. If you don't realize that Obama and Co. have a storehouse full of Bain-centric attacks ready to go you must be new to this game. This is Romney's opportunity to rebut the attacks before the Dems regurgitate them. He may yet owe Newt a debt of gratitude.