Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Repubs Can Be Morons Too

If Obama is for it, they're agin' it! [By gumbo!]

Boot at Contentions:

"Qaddafi will fall; it’s only a matter of time. Washington Republicans would be well advised not to try to come to this discredited tyrant’s rescue. Instead they should push the Obama administration to ensure that there is a good plan in place for the post-Qaddafi phase when it will be imperative to dispatch a substantial international stabilization force to avoid the kind of disasters that occurred in post-2003 Iraq."

Of course, what comes later with a rebel victory is another story.  To whatever extent an assisting power retains influence with victorious rebels it will be Europe more than the US; somehow I'm skeptical that will help us much. But right now there's no point in waffling about Qaddafi - kill him, quick. Win, fast.

The Kucinich-supporting Repubs are fools.