Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another Epic Obama Fail

Over-riding legal  procedures to fudge the WPA. Idiot. Obviously, he really doesn't regard it as constitutional (whether he admits it to himself or not), but to declare it so would upturn his base's pacifistic, constitution-be-damned world-view. So he dances around it and creates a needless crisis (Allah):

"See what he did here? The OLC is typically called 'the president’s law firm' because it’s tasked with advising him on what he can and can’t legally do with his office. They study the law and consult with relevant agencies, and then they make a formal determination to guide his actions. That’s what should have happened here — they likely would have determined that he was violating the War Powers Act, which in turn would have forced him to go to Congress and finally request formal authorization of the mission. (In fact, Johnson, the Pentagon’s counsel, reportedly told Obama he’d be on firmer ground if he stopped the drone strikes, at least. Obama refused.) This time, because he almost certainly knew that they’d tell him that he was in violation, he bypassed the normal procedures to avoid a binding ruling and treated the OLC as if it was just one lawyer among many. He rigged the game because he knew what the probable outcome would be if he didn’t. Disgraceful."

If Bush had done this, especially with a Dem Congress, is there any question he've been impeached?