Sunday, June 12, 2011

China's Making Trouble

Yeah, China: the oligarchic tyranny that Tom Friedman and assorted oh-so erudite, self-regarding moonbats think is the greatest thing since sliced bread (the trains run on time, or something like that).

Well the Chinese are bullying their neighbors with the peculiarly moronic language of dictators that we've come to know and deride (think Kim Jong-il writ really, really large) (c/o Xenakis at Big Peace):

"Saturday's editorial mixed righteous indignation with patronizing language in a reflection of the condescension with which Beijing frequently regards its smaller Communist neighbor. While China assisted Vietnam's Communists against France and the United States, relations soon soured and China briefly invaded in 1979 in retaliation for Hanoi's toppling of Beijing's Khmer Rouge allies in Cambodia.

"Despite its size and strength, China has 'never sought to politically blackmail smaller countries,' the editorial said.

" 'But when a small country turns that around and tries to blackmail China, the Chinese people will on the one hand feel rather angry, while on the other hand find it quite amusing,' it said."