Thursday, June 2, 2011

It Must Be Their Devotion To Science!

Michael Hayden likens deniers of the efficacy of enhanced interrogation to birthers and truthers.

Exactly right.

Hayden in the WSJ:

"But if they cannot or will not, shouldn't they be true to their faith? If they truly believe that these interrogations did not and could not yield useful intelligence, they should demand that the CIA identify all the information derived directly or indirectly from enhanced interrogation. And then they should insist the agency destroy it. They should also insist that significant portions of the 9/11 Commission Report be rescinded, as it too was based on this data. This would be perfectly consistent with the interrogation deniers' transcendental faith that nothing of use could have come from enhanced interrogations after 9/11.

"Strange that we have not heard such calls, even from the most ardent interrogation deniers. Perhaps they are not really like 'birthers' and 'truthers' after all. Perhaps, when all the public ideological posturing is done, and they are through attacking both their opponents' arguments and their character, they quietly concede to themselves that facts really do matter."