Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ah, Yes: Remember Barney Frank?

Jeff Jacoby reminisces about Barney Frank (hat tip to Andy at Ace):

"Frank has long been 'one of the most notorious bullies' on Capitol Hill, remarked Dana Milbank in The Washington Post. The Massachusetts Democrat will be remembered not just for his left-wing politics or as the first openly gay member of Congress, but also for his 'gratuitous nastiness,' as Milbank put it – the public tongue-lashings, the spiteful mockery, the caustic abuse of aides, the almost routine willingness to tell people how stupid they are. This isn't just impatience; Frank plainly takes a certain pleasure in publicly humiliating his victims. It isn't hard to find stories of Frank berating someone to the point of tears. But I have never heard of him apologizing for it afterward."

I agree with Andy that the Dems will likely replace Frank with another of their own in these deep blue environs. But I also agree that the House of Representatives' creep-factor will most definitely come down a notch.