Sunday, December 11, 2011


Professor Jacobson comments upon Newt's reiteration of his statement of fact about 'Palestine' and the 'Palestinians.'

"The importance of Gingrich’s comment was that it skewered a false historical narrative which dominates the international debate and is used for the demonization of Israel and its chief supporter, the United States.

"Newt was absolutely correct to say enough already with the falsehood. If it upset the Palestinians, well too bad. It’s about time a prominent political figure in the United States didn’t just voice support for Israel but did so in a historically accurate manner which addressed the false Palestinian narrative of perpetual victimization."

Go ahead, Ostensibly-Israel-Supporting-Obamazoids. Watch.  Listen.  I dare you. You wish Obama - or any Dem - would - could  - talk like this.

Keep dreaming.