Sunday, December 18, 2011

Iceland Beclowns Itself; Stabs Israel In The Back

Abrams at the Weekly Standard explains how Iceland on December 15th recognized a PLO state in the West Bank:

"In this context it is worth noting precisely what Iceland recognized, and it was Palestine within the '1967 borders.' That means that according to Iceland, Palestinian sovereignty includes 100 percent of the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem. Palestine, as Icelanders see it, includes the Western Wall of the Second Temple, Judaism's holiest site. The judenrein policy enforced by Jordan during the years it ruled Jerusalem, would thus be reinstated. And Israel in any recognizable form would anyway disappear, for the Allthingi resolution calls for all Palestinian refugees--of whom according to the U.N. there are five million--to 'return' to Israel. Finally, lest there be any of this nonsense about moral distinctions between U.N. member states and terrorist organizations, the resolution treats Israel and Hamas as equals by demanding that the 'conflicting parties cease warfare and acts of violence forthwith.' "