Sunday, December 4, 2011


OWS didn't spring out of thin air. We know about  the anti-Semites at Adbusters, Lisa Fithian, and...Elizabeth Warren for that matter!

But here's more: old commies in Europe (article by Gurfinkiel)!

"The author was nonagenarian Stephane Frederic Hessel: a Nazi camp survivor, a former ambassador, and a regular French talk show guest. The booklet was an instant bestseller: one million copies in the first ten weeks, 1.5 million in the first year.

"It still remains, as of today, the number one book on French bestseller lists.

"The reasons for such a stunning success were quite obvious. Those people who read a bit, but not much, were thrilled to buy what passed for a serious essay by an important person for less than the price of a magazine. They were even happier to find out that Hessel’s philosophy was a perfect fit for their own intellectual and ethical size.

"The Great Old Man urged contemporary youth to get “outraged” about poverty and injustice and to fight for a better world, just as he had done seventy years earlier as a member of the anti-Nazi Resistance. Who on Earth would contend with that, especially when the enemy was not the Third Reich, but benign modern democracies?

"Moreover, the villain Hessel repeatedly mentioned and attacked was Israel — the country most people in France love to hate already."

The common thread on the left always seems to be Jew-hatred, doesn't it?