Sunday, December 25, 2011

Defense Of Newt On 'Palestinians'

The problem isn't Newt, it's historical illiteracy on the other side.

Hanin at Big Peace:

"Gingrich also knows historical evidence confirms Israel existed as nation as early as1300 BCE, some two thousand years before Islam. Yet there has never been ANY evidence of a Pales­tin­ian nation. Simply put, if there is no historical evidence to separate Palestinians from Arabs then Palestinians ARE Arabs. The fact is there has never been an authentic Pales­tin­ian lan­guage, a dis­tinct Pales­tin­ian cul­ture, Palestinian currency (except while under British Mandate) or even land once ruled by Palestinians. These facts would give any historian pause, and it did with Gingrich, who used it as an opportunity to set the record straight. Gingrich had to address the Palestinian narrative head-on. For that he should be applauded not ridiculed."

1300 BCE I think overstates it a bit; I think it's more like 800 to 900.  To that you can add that since that time there has been a continuous Jewish (Hebrew) presence. The case stands.