Thursday, December 22, 2011

How To Most Effectively Destroy The US Economy? A: Re-elect Obama

You CAN. NOT. Make this crap up.

Just un-frickin-believable.

Anyone pretending this administration cares about jobs, energy independence, or the economy is a liar or a fool:

"At an unusual gala ceremony on the release of a major new Environmental Protection Agency rule yesterday, chief Lisa Jackson called it 'historic' and 'a great victory.' And she's right: The rule may be the most expensive the agency has ever issued, and it represents the triumph of the Obama Administration's green agenda over economic growth and job creation. Congratulations."

They're running coal-fired electricity plants out of business by executive diktat, ignoring statutory responsibilities along the way.

But hey, it's OK, because they know they're right. The law books are as 'alive' as the Constitution, ain't they?