Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Dem Life

Wisconsin: the Democratic party in full flower.

Ain't life grand when you award yourself the right to lie, cheat, bully, and violate election laws at will, then strut around in supercilious and contemptuous indignation when your opponents do anything to resist?

Schneider at The Corner, regarding the Walker recall jihad:

"...The liberal group One Wisconsin Now is actually encouraging people to sign more than one recall petition, even though only one of any individual’s signatures can legally count. The state Government Accountability Board will give the presumption of validity to all signatures, and there is no penalty for signing multiple times.

"Thus, if someone signs a petition 30 times, 29 will be invalid — but only if Scott Walker’s campaign can manually enter all 540,000 signatures into a database and weed out the duplicates in the 10 days in which they have to challenge. Fabricated names and addresses will all be considered legal unless Walker’s volunteers can pick through hundreds of thousands of signatures and weed them out in the allotted time period. (In Ohio recently, 351,000 — or over 25% — of union-submitted signatures were found to be invalid.)"